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Thursday, August 20, 2015


When a belief system is blank,
You don't know what to call it.
If you don't know,
Then how do you name it?

Poetism believes
in writing your own destiny.
It is the symbolic reflection
of humanity's ability to control.

Poetists use writing destiny
as a metaphor, for living a life
that you write yourself.
Poetism is symbolic for writing your own life!

So Hungry

Why must I eat,
When I'm so hungry,
Yet I have no money?

They took my tray away from me,
Then they threw it all away,
All because of my poverty!

I became so embarrassed,
So I say one final time,
Goodbye, this is my suicide...

Butterflies For Maddie Tribute

You see the stars,
In the sky,
But without you,
I can't say,
What I would do.

All you have done
Is give your heart to me,
So I will return that favor!
Butterflies I will see,
In Heaven, Maddie will be.

Give me the strength,
To say Goodbye.
Yet your memory
I will keep alive!
I will survive