Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hate Kills Hate

"Hate Kills Hate" by Joseph D. Smith

If you hate black people,
You are a redneck.

If you hate women,
You are sexist.

If you hate gay people,
You are a homophobe.

If you hate Jews,
You are a Nazi.

If you hate other people's religion,
You are a Bible-thumper.

No matter what you hate,
It will only bring more hate.

Don't hate,
Otherwise you deserve your given name.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Blood of Sugar

"Blood of Sugar" by Joseph D. Smith

Blood runs out,
Sugar runs low,
Until I am dealt the final blow.

Loathing starts to shout,
Weakness makes me bow.
Take me away from death row.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Happy Half-Birthday

"Happy Half-Birthday" by Joseph D. Smith

My birthday is near,
Yet not here,
But in my heart very dear!

May 12th,
What I must've felt,
When my 26th birthday will be dealt!

Friday, April 11, 2014

What Price Is There To Freedom?

"What Price Is There To Freedom?" by Joseph D. Smith

There is no price for freedom, 
Because it is our God-given right!
When you hear that you have to serve,
In order to have the freedom that you deserve,
Tell them "HELL NO"!
If they don't understand, then they will never know.

All Love Is Mine

"All Love Is Mine" by Joseph D. Smith

Love is patient,
Love is kind,
All love is mine.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Day To Live

"A Day To Live" by Joseph D. Smith

When you are
out of hope,
Let me in,
And I will fix it!

When your head is down,
And your view of hope
has changed,
Don't let evil engage!

When you come down,
Don't have a frown,
Otherwise your sadness
I must drown!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Church of Crime

"Church of Crime" by Joseph D. Smith

I once slept in my truck in front of a church,
I had nowhere to go so I hung around and lurked.
When the church-officials saw me, they called the law,
They booked me for vagrancy.

The church, of all places...

I am homeless.
They are supposed to be giving,
They are supposed to help,
But instead, they screwed-off my head.

I had three chihuahuas,
All beautiful dogs,
They had to sleep with me,
Out on the streets.

The church didn't care,
They didn't want me there!
I want a home,
Is that too much to ask for?!

NOTE: My neighbor recently became homeless, and she had nowhere else to go. Just her, and her three tiny chihuahuas. So, she slept in the church parking-lot, and when they found her, the church officials called the law, and they arrested her for vagrancy! The church, of all places...

 Update: She is now happily in a new home!

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Joseph D. Smith is commonly known as The Legendary Graduate for his high school graduation ceremony, from Glasgow High School, in Glasgow, KY, USA. He had a graduation ceremony held in-place of his own high school graduation, hosted by the judge, Hon. Phillip Patton, who had a medal made for him, where the Barren County Sheriff, Chris Eaton presented the medal to him.

The graduation ceremony was held at the Barren County Courthouse, where only his closest friends and family had come. His little sister, Wendy Smith, got to come to the graduation ceremony, which was very special to him, because Wendy is low-functioning autistic, and she couldn't handle big crowds; Joseph is high-functioning autistic, by the way; they were both happy and proud! She sat in the front-row on the other side of Joseph, where he sat to listen to the speech by the judge.

The judge started the ceremony, but shortly before he could speak, he had noticed Joseph's dad's cooler, and he had stated, "I hope that whatever is in that cooler is legal", since we were sitting inside of a courtroom; they all laughed for a second and moved on. Joseph is proud of his dad, a Kentucky Colonel, Hon. Wendell Joe Smith. He is proud of his sister, Wendy, and his very sweet, loving, and talented mom, Mary Smith! They all love and take care of each other, where Joseph, his mom, and his sister live together, with frequent visits from his dad.

Joseph published a book of poetry, called The Legendary Graduate, which was inspired by his high school graduation ceremony. The book is a glimpse inside of an autistic mind, and it provokes thoughts that one might not have ever imagined, opening the minds of many! His mission with this book was to change the world, and to change how people think, as it touches very controversial subjects, but yet it entices people to keep reading, sitting on the edge of their seats; they often have to keep reading until the end of the book, and quite often they wanted to read it for a second time!

Joseph D. Smith is a long-time Devil worshiper, since he was a child, whether he knew it or not! Organized religion, secret knowledge, just doesn't float his boat.

Joseph D. Smith is a proud autistic individual, and he suffers from gynecomastia, but unlike other men with the condition, he is proud to show off!

Joseph is the INFP personality type!